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Craig at the start of the special.

Craigs racing covered 500km today over mainly dirt roads with the odd patch of stoney gravel and sand. The stage started at San Miguel De Tucuman and ran through to San Salavador de Jujuy.
Craig raced through 12 checkpoints but experienced serious problems early in the day when his kickstart snapped which compounded his ongoing issues with his electrical charging problems. To add insult to injury Craig was riding well early on through some technical sections of the stages when he bent his fromt disk rotor. Not only did he have to stop and remove it, but that was followed by 400km with no front brakes.
Craig dropped to 83rd place as he removed his brake disk but fought back hard to regain 21 places even without brakes! He finished the day in 50th place overall. But was 62nd fastest over the stage.

62(42)086 - BOUNDS Craig

You can also listen to Craig telling his story in the bivouac after the days racing had ended HERE (

Craig has suffered the loss of quite a few of his hard earned places so I’m guessing he’ll be charging tomorrow! Lets keep our fingers crossed all goes better and that today was his ‘unlucky’ day.

Once again thanks for your support.


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