Anahiem SX

So whilst on the way to LAX last week I was chatting to a guy who I met on the plane. It was John Elliott he is a UK off road legend who has riden most types of Off road motorcycle sport. Anyway John mentioned he was going to watch the SX at Anahiem before he went off to race in the dessert the follwoing week. I was all over it.
I have watched Bubba ride before at the MX Des Nations a few years ago but he was on real form this time. He really was in a class of his own. The best race of the night was the 125 - 250 final it was a real edge of the seat final.


Anonymous said...

now thats airtime!!.

Eric said...

My brother and I bought a Wasp outfit that was John's (a couple of owners before). He was always really helpful. Brilliant he is still so involved.
I keep looking at your posts and thinking, mmm,I wonder whether I could have a go at short track?. It looks really good

Anthony Brown said...

Come and have a go its great fun