Tuareg Rally


Here is the press release for the start of the Tuareg Rally. Although again this year I will be working instead of riding I am really proud that there is still a 'Team Brown' competing in the rally. Mick Thompkinson won the Rally last year and Pete Sonley also had a Top 20 finish. So the Team carrying my name is doing well. Good luck this year guys. I hope to post some reports as the rally starts.

We are ready to start
20 Nations About 200 vehicles in competition. This number shows that the Tuareg Rallye is one of the most important Desert Rallyes. 2500 Kilometres including 500 kilometres of dunes are part of this year program of the Tuareg Rallye. Several international teams try to manage this challenge
In the group of motorbike profi the title of the favourite is still open. Thorsten Kaiser several time winner of the Tuareg Rallye decent point out his lack of training. If Martin Fontyn (Team chef of EAO) will turn his reserved podium position into the first position. It will be definitely interesting. The Team “Brown” which has provide the last year Winner Mike Tomkinson is back in the race with several top drivers. Rallye Raid Sweden is the biggest Team in this year Tuareg Rallye. Many members of this team have been already seen in the leading field of last year Tuareg Rallye.
In the group of Motorbike Amateurs previously competition is come  to the fore. Experts of last year as for Example Thomas Stricker or  Raffele Bacchi from Itali  know that navigation is more important than a nervous fuel pedal
With more than 50 vehicles the group of 4x4 in the meantime shows that the Tuareg Rallye is levelling board. Christof Danner several times Winner of the Tuareg Rallye has to fight against a wide group of concurrence. With Rallye Raid international and The Mc Rae Teams two teams known from the Dakar will be seen at the start Of the Tuareg Rallye. But this is not all. The German French Team around Malte Asmus with a wide experience in European Rallyes is also good for a surprise. Team Land Serwis from Poland and Team RR Belgica from Belgium Team Walcher from Germany and Team Lambeth from UK you should also not forget.
In the Group of car Amateurs the already known picture of enthusiastic desert drivers with ambient cost Competition Vehicles did not change. The Father Sun team Dominique and Reiner Kleer or Fabrice Della Barbera with Codriver Karine Simechalle will be on one hand responsible for interesting competition but also for good friendship on the Tuareg Rallye.
Friendship inside competition is one of the characteristics the Tuareg Rallye stands for.
The experience and effective organisation support the event in the already known professional way. Up to 9 known and hidden Checkpoints, six medical teams inside the leadership of Dr. Oliver Zorn and supplemented by the ORMS medical service will enable fast response time and the known good medical service. Two MAN Kat 1 Towing trucks and several Pickups will bring handicapped vehicles in to the night's camp. Lucky mostly the rescue teams have to look for starved Drivers.

Rainer Autenrieth
Political situation in morocco.
We are happy that the political situation in morocco is quite different to other north African countries. We and numerous reputable observer expect no change. For this the Tuareg Rallye will take place as planed.