Ready for Rye House

Co-Builts 5th bike will be ready for action at the Shorttrack UK club meeting at Rye House in April. Number 97 Guy Sutherland will be joining the list of riders who are using our equipment. We had a really productive night in the shop last night and when a few more bits arrive this bad boy will be sparking into life!

Pete Boast and Tim Neave will also be riding this year with support from Co-Built this year. They will be using our custom made exhaust systems on there Team Suzuki bikes.
Thunderbike Warroir and Master Blog Commentor Stevie Coles is also running some of our yokes on his CRF450.

I for one cant wait for the season to kick off this sunday!


Anonymous said...

co-built army rules!!.

Captain Highside said...

Actually I think you'll find it's Skooter Farm that takes home the bacon!