Tyson Nelson

Tyson and his Dad were hanging around at Rye House today. He is over here from Aus riding speedway for Rye House Rockets. Anyways he is a handy Flattrack rider! He looked a little bored so I offered him a ride on a Co-Built.  By the looks of things he liked it!!


BlackCountryBiker said...

Young Tyson's gonna be one to watch this year. Brought up on the dirt tracks so like any Aussie rider, he'll know how to handle a flat tracker too... thanks for the pics.

Guy Sutherland said...

...he can ride that's for sure...lent him my KTM & it was spanked within an inch of it's life! It's in the shed traumatised & cowering in the corner. Really cool day, thanks Jason.

Anonymous said...

he got that hanging out boy!!.

Red Torpedo said...

His name is back to front. G

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Chris Carr would've been tutting at his technique but he was fast as hell and no mistake. And he was only mucking about !
Ta to Jason for the perfect way to spend a Wednesday.
(And kudos to Mike R for turning up and doing 20 laps in his lunch hour)!
Tim S.