Aprilia and Muffins!

We were really pleased to work with Tim on his new 450 Aprilia project. Things got off to a slow start but the end result was worth the wait. Co-Built supplied the exhaust and the front end setup (yokes and DeLugged forks). We also had a lowering link made to sit everything at the right angle. The rest of the work can be credited to others. Anyway to celebrate the first outing I made some Buster some muffins! I think he only got one of them though!


747 said...

daaaaaaaaamn! not shur what looks better, pipes or muffins. well done.

Anonymous said...

Wot a sound, like a mini xr750!!.
The bike that is, not the gases produced by the muffins!!.

Nick R said...

Having followed it on track, Mark described the noise as ***ing unbelievable