Hof - Report from Duth Brothers

Oliver Brindley steals the show in Hof-Westerwald!
Round 6 of the international Mefo Sport Flattrack Cup 2011 took place on the challenging 500m oval in Hof-Westerwald, Germany. And for the second time this season we could welcome the junior category! Heidenreichstein winner Tobias Gatzenmeier was joined by short track UK junior Oliver Brindley. Twelve year old Oliver had no problem with the tricky conditions and demonstrated amazing skills which earned him loud cheering of the crowd! The junior category in the UK has already produced a generation of outstanding riders who are now front runners in the expert class!
Totally new in Hof was the Supermotard category! Eight local supermotard racers joined the fun in their own class. They were amazed by the thrill and were eager for more!
Oliver’s dad, Derek Brindley had joined the experts in Hof where he was doing well until he lost control in turn three, taking Tom van Nes with him. Unfortunately Tom was not able to restart and we wish him a speedy recovery. Mick & Jan-Willem Jansen and Stefan Gatzenmeier were constant battle and it promised and exciting final. JW Jansen made the hole shot and took the lead. On lap 3, an over enthusiastic Gatzenmeier took Brindley out in turn 3 causing a multi rider pile up involving Mick Jansen, Halbe Scheper and Wiemer Borger. Derek Brindley hurt his foot and was not able to join the inline restart. JW Jansen used his advantage of the inline start and took the victory, follewed by Gatzenmeier and Scheper.
Round 6, Hof-Westerwald (D), Expert results:
1. #15 Jan-Willem Jansen, Adetswil (CH), dutch-brothers Harley-Davidson
2. #70 Stefan Gatzenmeier, Ruhpolding (D), KTM
3. #28 Halbe Scheper, Emmer-Compascuum (NL), Jorrissen-Wood-Suzuki
4. #25 Wiemer Borger, Opende (NL), Brandoil KTM
5. #16 Mick Jansen, Utrecht (NL), dutch-brothers Harley-Davidson
6. #46 Leo Eibl, Poking(D), Yamaha
7. #80 Thomas Weigl, Berching (D), W&W KTM

Championship standings: 1. Stefan Gatzenmeier 77pts, 2. Jan-Willem Jansen 68pts, 3. Mick Jansen 63pts, 4. Roman Janostak 35pts, 5. Tom van Nes 35pts,....
Coming up:
round 7, Lelystad (NL) 2 October