Wayne is off soon to NZ

We are going to miss riding with you!

Not sure I am going to miss this though!


747 said...

damn! the spots can take a lickin eh.

Anthony Brown said...

Sure can Travis.

We were talkin bout you at the weekend. Do you need feedin again yet!

Anonymous said...

you jus bin bear turded!!.
we will all miss your wild ridin dude.
watch out NZ!!!!!..

Drakey72 said...

Hopefully the NZ flattrack scene is half as good as this one,been a great few years,Keep it pinned and good luck for the many seasons to come.Will have to get a guest ride as NZ champ in the future(may beat jacopo for the longest distance travelled trophy)Been great ridin with you guys!! Theres still scunny ;)
Life's a race,the best times win!

Full Lock or Death!! #29 said...

Sorry to see you go mate. My friend Agi who came to her first flat track race at Rye House went totally mad over your leathers. She called you 'Snake Dude' and was cheering you on all night!

Good luck racing upside down snake dude.. ;)


Anonymous said...

snake boy!!?.
maybe that explains the permenantly yoyoing back wheel!!!?.

Captain Highside said...

Or the trio of children?

Best of luck on your move mate.