Bucking Bronco

This is Geoff in the last chance final last weekend in Italy. I nicked the picture from here. Antonio Cellini took some great shots and is a nice guy.
The track was tricky! Slick, Grippy and everything inbetween. Anyway Marco Buzzi went down in front and Geoff gave him a move I now call the Drake Snake.
The track was real tough and as a result I didnt even make the semi's. Geoff did good and only just missed out on a place in the final. Anyway we had a ton o fun!


AB said...

Anthony- it looks like Geoff is doing that thing Jon Denton does when he says 'i think you have something stuck to the bottom of your shoe'
You know-'hello sailor'

Anonymous said...

wow his foot is higher than his head!.
did he save it, or was there another helmet throwing exhibition!!?.

Drakey72 said...

Sweet move Geoff, glad u been taking notes, not sure about the 'drake snake' title Ant but it does kinda fit!

Anthony Brown said...

It's meant as an honour to have a crash named after you!

Drakey72 said...

Cheers mate I do appreciate the honour, more of a purely skill based self preservation method of stopping than a crash. Honest! As Geoff obviously remembered from my many demonstrations at scunny ;)