Rollerburn Its coming!

Now I am a bit like a broken record but its cos I am excited. Next weekend is Rollerburn. A lot of the people I know and myself have put a great deal of time and effort into creating an event which we hope will be completly different to any motorcycle event ever held before.

Rollerburn Prep

There has been loads of talk about the rollergirls, the bikes, the art, the motorcycling celebraties that will be in attendance. Anna my Girlfriend has been doing a great job of organising the vendors that will be at the event. The count at the moment is around 30. We arent talking about a guy selling last years MX gear here or some old stock wet weather riding gear like at the BMF rally. What we are talking about is an ecceltic mix of quality products and services that you never normally find in one place.

Stuff like:

Magazine Man
Ornimental Conifer
Anna's own Custommade
Spirit of the Seventies
Redmax Speedshop
Corpses from Hell
Korero Books
Austin Vince (Cant wait)
Greasy Kulture

Theres loads more but I am tired of posting links!

For our part Co-Built will be having a stand at Rollerburn. We have some of our Flattrack Products on display and 3 of our FT bikes will be in attendance / use. Along with some of the bikes we have made exhaust systems for and hopefully a fully finished Triumph that we have been building for Dael.

We are all about co-operation (its in the name) and as part of that we are opening up our stand to Brian our friend from Headglide . Brian makes reproductions (in the UK) like you havent seen before the quality and attention to detail is beyond the norm. If thats not enough has an eye for vintage style and trades vintage clothes, again of a high quality. We are really excited about our stand so come along and say hi.

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