A touch of the Vapours

Elliott at Eltec is the man for all Co-builts finishing needs. I loved the work he did for us on Daels Triumph.
I picked up my new motor last night. Parts are arriving thick amd fast at the moment (thanks Travis). I should have this togther waiting its new head pretty soon. Who know how these run with no balancer?


Anonymous said...

now thats clean!!.
seems a shame too get it mucky really.
maybe paul harrison knows the insides as good as anyone?.

#15 said...

the balancer runs double speed opposite of the crank and counters much of the gyro forces of the rotating masses. I have never tried running a rotax without balancer, but it did not seem like a smart thing to do with these big heavy crancks. On top of that, the balancer allows you to concentrate on the racing and the turn ahead!
your girlfriend might see it different

Paul Baleta said...

Sweet! Need to give my flattracker some powder-coat love too...