Co-Built Product News

Well if you fancy giving a little Co-Built love this Christmas and helping to support UK racing heres a good chance.

First off we had some T shirts done mainly to say thanks to some of our sponsors / friends.
They are printed front and rear. The front design may be familiar to those of you with a knowledge of straight edge music.
We have a few left in all mens sizes S/M/L/XL they come in Black or Blue and are printed on good quality Gildan T's.
Price £16.00 and UK shipping is £3.50

Just mail us and we will sort it all out for you.

It doesnt stop there. Some of you may have been lucky enough to get one of these at Rollerburn if not now we have some more. They are a fiver and 2 quid to ship. As are the new stainless spring pullers we have in stock. (pics to follow).

Co-Built credit card bottle opener
One last bit of important info. We just had a delivery of Co-Built Yokes we can now supply these with a steer tube to fit late Bonnevilles for £500 or just as they come for £375.

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Anonymous said...

Mine fits a treat boy's and the quality is ace!!.
Merry xmas, and don't forget to let geoff outta the shed for the big day.
By the way, when is the big trophy haul photo bein posted?. Dont be modest, let's see the bling!!!.