Nearly Dakar Time

Last Night myself and Geoff rode to London in the cold and wet on our 125 Hondas. Our destination was the lanch party and charity auction for the 2012 Dakar GB team. At midnight on the M40 it felt like we were in a mini Dakar all of our own.
It was like a who's who of the UK rally scene hosted by Ross Nobel who just generally took the piss out of people. We only have 3 bike entrants from the UK this year and Co-Built are right behind them. For 2 weeks every year I have a TV program I watch every day, so I know what it must be like to watch eastenders every night! While we are on the subject congratulations to Tamsin for her record highest women up Everest on a motorcycle. It sounds like her and Craig had some interesting times up there!

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Sideburn Magazine said...

Lot of bad body language on that stage. Alpha male and females. G