Rally 06

I always think of Rallies during the cold winter. Dakar starts next week and I will be follwoing Stan Watt and my other friends. But until then here are some great pictures from Morocco in 2006.
Rally's are like no other type of race I have ever taken part in. Its like an 8 day cluster fuck. The normal rules of life dont apply. Things can change from fun to hell in seconds. I can honestly say I have seen some of the greatest and worst sights during competing in these events. Its like an emotional rollercoaster and the goal is to get off when the ride stops and not before!

This was full of broken bikes when it rolled. The head filled with oil and it would restart. So they spent a couple of days working on it where it stood. Took the head off and refitted it. They drove it home.

Check out Geoff Sunds out Guns out!

Tamsins First Rally

Me in the dunes

I love this truck

The dust settles some weeks later!

Nightly tasks

Morning truck start up!


Got my proper race number this year!

This is as close as you get to a traffic jam

There is enough equipment in this area for the A team to build anything!

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Hell yeah adventures! thanks for sharing.