Friday Night

Number 67..... 8.30 Start from Cirencester. Haynes motor museum Midnight. Sidemouth by Dawn. Torquay by lunch time.

The MCC is the oldest motorsport club in the UK. Founded 111 years ago. The Exeter trial was first run in 1910.


Eric said...

Might see you and say hello, we are with a little Troll Special, don't know the No yet. Good luck if I don't see you!

Anthony Brown said...

Hey Eric

I am number 67 come say Hi if you see me!

Luke said...

I noticed the picture of the trials tire on one of the bikes. I am interested in trying one out for my trail bike. Did you have much luck with it?

Anthony Brown said...

Hey Luke

Yeah they work good on enduro bikes as long as its not to wet and muddy!