Lord of the Rings

18 Hrs on a 250 enduro bike. Just like a Hobbit first, second and third breakfasts. Reminds me why I love motorcycles. 360 miles on the bike 200 in the back of a van. Some iphone pictures...

It started with 30 miles in the back of a van

Felt like i was cheatin when I saw this

Jeffs lights stopped working during the first 90 mile road stage

1 am First Breakfast

3 am Traffic jam (waiting for Waterloo section 3)

Fuck the rain and wet road books

6am second breakfast

Waiting for Tillerton (section 7)

8am views


 Chitty Chitty
 10am Third Breakfast

WI the best cakes fuck Kipling's

Tired eyes 170 miles in the back of the van home.


dgp said...

You're absolutely mental but I'm glad there's a few of you like minded nutters left! keep up the good work!

747 said...

Right on!

Sideburn Magazine said...

I bet the C90 was more comfy than the KTM too. And
bungeeing on thrill seeking members of the WI - get fed cake on the run.

Paul Baleta said...

NIce one dood!

old dickie said...

He insisted I could'nt ride in the back just cos i'm old Dickie

Sideburn Magazine said...

I've just bought some of those ex-Army over mittens. Life savers. G

Anthony Brown said...

Yeah they rule

Eric said...

Brilliant stuff Anthony and great to meet you. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hardcore co,built at play, happy. New year boys!!