Support Sport

If you dont no one else will.

We all like to promote our sport and over at Fitzpatricks Gym David Haye has been doing just that.
I like this sort of stuff , Tamsin and Tuft with Trax and Chris at Docklands motorcycle projects and sports projects in general. Kids need shit to do.

David Haye (I am sure he has a busy schedule right now) found time to go down to Paddy Fitzpatrick's Gym in Swindon on Saturday to help promote the boxing clubs NVQ and Scholarship schemes. Paddy set up the gyms and fought for a long time to get the necessary approvals to be able to teach the national curriculum on site - now, young people who have a hard time focusing at school can work towards their goals and qualifications in a completely different environment. Alongside the theoretical side of things they also undergo a healthy amount of sports and fitness training. 

Anyway this is slighty Motorcycle related this was built by some guys local to us at Swindon called Rolling Art MC.

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