Enduro Days

I might as well not bothered fitting the slick tyre I put on the back of my bike. Just the rim would have been better. The one I took off was fine but not legal for enduro's.
Man that was a tuff day. I just manged to stay on time. It was taking an hour to do a 15 mile lap. I had to keep telling myself to put my feet back on the pegs. I got tangled in a barbed wire fence and after 3 laps I didnt know wether I was going to shit or puke! I manged not to do either but it was close. What a great enduro real classic going and even the regulation welsh drizzle to add to the atmosphere. Better get that bike cleaned and prepped ready for Croatia!


747 said...

nothing like a character building enduro.

Anthony Brown said...

she was tough Travis.

one lap I was singing, next I was wanting to cry!

Paul Baleta said...

The few enduros I have done were all like that. I've been telling myself that if one does enduros regularly, then one will be fitter and enjoy them more. Well done for doing it!

747 said...

I think the more of them i do the more i have just learned to ignore the pain. so yeah, enjoy them more.
And become a better singer... and crier.

Tex said...

Good on you for battling on!