Rally Dalamtia

I Know, I know we got some catching up to do here. I have been away in Crotia riding in a 5 day event called the Dalmatia Rallye. 2400 mile round trip driving and 1000kms on the bike.
Some shit went down in that country 16 years ago. I saw too many unmarked grave stones and mine warning signs this last week. Villages and lives wrecked for ever. Bombed out schools and mass graves.

Myself and George stopped in the shade of this bombed out restuarant to eat our lunch we might be smiling for the camera but our thoughts were with all that lost there lives. Riding a motorcycle through some of this shit is a mixture of emotions. Rallys are a funny reality, they mostly take place in area's which are too poor to object to large numbers of off road bikes cutting through the countryside. They offer some help to local communities and the local kids get to high 5 lots of riders each day. Its a mixture of highs and lows in so many ways. You see and experience stuff that most tourist's can only guess at. 1000KMs on a 250 is a lot of riding. Its like a drug on the last day you dont want it to stop, the routine to daily rally life is set, get up, ride, maintain, eat, roadbook, sleep, repeat.
The Rally donates its profits to a local Orfanage it was great to see the workers picking up a cheque from the organisation at the winners party. We had 7 riders on our team. We all did well. No one was hurt. We made new friends. 22 hours driving home gives plenty of time to reflect.


Guy #97 said...

One of our very best experiences....won't be forgotten!

Anonymous said...

the best experiences in life are usually mixed emotions, and hard work!!.
mix in bikes too, and its gotta be good!!.
see ya at coventry.