ID PLease

Who can tell me what this frame is for and who made it?
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747 said...

ah Korea- berry goood wound eye.

what the heck are they doing to that gold wing?- givin her a manicure? looks more like tailor shop than a bike shop.

Interesting place i oughta visit someday

Anthony Brown said...

I think its a nip and tuck!

wilksville said...

looks the same as Alistairs' yam as ridden by Boastie..... with that adjustable swing-arm mount

Sideburn Magazine said...

don't think it's Yamaha as this one is oil in frame - so I guess Triumph.

Tony said...

Looks like a Trackmaster. Possibly a BSA though as there looks to be engine mounting lugs on the oil carrying backbone. Triumph wouldn't have those.