Oxford Shorttrack

Preparation is well underway for the next round of the GNC for Shorttrack UK. Last years meeting at Oxford was fantastic but the track was a little rough.
Pete Boast at Shorttrack UK has put his hand in his pocket and splashed out on a day with a motorway blade to repair the damage to the neglected track. Local Speedway / Long Track rider Kev House is a master of the blade and put in a really hard days work to put all the dirt back in the right places  Andy Cooper from Oxford Karting has been tyre packing like there is no tomorrow and the results are amazing. The inside of the turns are still a little soft at the moment but already the outside is looking very good.
The goal is that we return the track to a condition that will not only allow the shorttrack bikes t race but also allow some speedway demonstration rides to take place. I reckon because of the heavy clay content on the track we may even get a nice groove by the end of the night!
The plan between now and next Friday is to keep tyre packing and then use our chain harrow and more packing to finish the job off. Lets hope the weather remains on more than showery and all should be good.

Anyone who has any interest in the UK Shorttrack or Speedway scene should really try and attend next Friday. We have invested a great deal of time and money getting the track right and it would be great if everyone could show there support.


Anonymous said...

Wow, That's much better than last yr!!.
the track is a good shape for racing too.
Hope you get a good turnout of riders and fans.
wish I was there!...

Sideburn Magazine said...

Good work Anthony.
I will be someone sunny & will try & shoo you some for the day.

Captain Highside said...

I like Ben when he's sunny!, 'Hope you have a great meet Guys