Oxford Shorttrack

Dave, Lez and Geoff in a thunder bike heat.

Emergency room 1am Friday night. (still got a little smile)

Saturday evening

We had a busy night at Oxford. Despite all the rain the track was dusty and still bumpy. Lots of great racing and a couple of crashes. Brothers (twins) Tim and Tom can off worst. Tom was first to catapult himself down the straight, he managed to get up and carry on but saturday found he had a broken wrist.

Tim Pictured above had just finished (and won) the best Thunderbike final I have ever ridden in coming from the back row to take the win. He lined up mid pack for the ST final and a bout half way through the race there was a big old mess on the back straightaway. Tim had somehow become tangled in the mesh fence and the carnage that followed was on a large scale. 5 or 6 riders were envolved and all took a real pounding. Fortunatly it was only Tim who ended up in hospital. He has broken his forearm and collarbone, he also has torn his speen and a small lung injury.
Tim is in good spirits now and is at the stage were he is pissed of about being in hospital (read feeling better). Hopefully he will be out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit!!.
get well soon lads, at least young bones heal fast!!!.

Paul Baleta said...

Except for the carnage in the Grand Final it was a great night's racing. Thanks so much Anthony, Geoff and all those who helped and were involved. Get well soon Tim and Tom!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon . Massive thanks to Anthony , Geoff et al for putting on this event . Cheers b, Stu #23r

wilksville said...

yeah, get well soon fellas..... you too Stevie Coles

Sideburn Magazine said...

Get Well Soon Tim.
You are a whipper snapper, those bamboo bones of yours will spring back into action immediately.
(unlike us OAPs)