Buxton Race Report

When I first wanted a bike to ride Flattrack in the UK I didnt think we would ever build more than 2 bikes. Anyway a few years on and we have a whole fleet of bikes being ridden in the UK and riders of all abilities enjoying Flattrack racing in a country which was brought up on Speedway and Grasstrack.
Anyway yesterday we had a first in Co-Built history we had 3 bikes on the podium at one time and a total of 5 poduims for the whole meeting. Well Done to all the Co-Built riders.

At the moment its the middle of the season and Co-Built are busy racing and not doing much building, the demand is there and we have orders to make (sorry guys). Look out for more Frames and a complete road bike soon (ish). In the mean time Geoff is flat out making pipes at the moment so if you have a project that needs pipes remember to get your orders in early as our current lead time is around 4-6 weeks.


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.....lots of them!

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Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. G