ST UK Kings Lynn

I didn't look too promising at 10am in the pits. A hail storm had controll. But The track prep at Kings Lynn is great those guys know how to get the most out of there facility and by 11.30 we were out for practice.
We had a great days racing and it was nice to see another Co-Built bike on the grid. (Co-built 7 full report to follow later).

Guy and Geoff both rode really well in the Thunderbike heats, Guy took a great heat win, geoff was on fire in the TT and got some good results considering our bikes are not really set up for the TT.
Drogo managed a worthy second in the Thunderbike B final and a third place in the novices. Ronald Old bike piloted by Steve Lane also took second on the novice poduim.
I had a great race with Neil Martin in the Thunderbike final I was leading a couple of times but went the wrong side of a back marker, I was second going into the last corner we crossed the line side by side. I ended up second. Guy was 4th and Geoff 5th. All in all a good day for our bikes again.

As always thanks to all that help and the injured riders who came along to support. Sorry no picture of the action we were too busy!

We had a ball. Roll on Buxton.


Dr-Ogo said...

Good God, that was a lot of fun....

Anonymous said...

looked it from where i was standing!.
well done all, co built on fire again!!.