Great Indoors

Yesterday was Practice and Qualifing for the Great Indoors meeting on the 27th December at the Allington Equestion Centre near Gratham. It was also my good friend Nobsey's son Josh first ride on a race track.

Revamped CB3 in its stable for the day

Phil was nervous before Josh rode so he tucked into a full english

Running loose

I didnt take enough pictures to summarise the day. Lets just say we had a lot of fun. Sorry that some of the regulars on the UK race scene missed the chance to ride indoors for various reasons. If you get the chance again I know you will love it. Ross fingers crossed we are both riding on the 27th!


Stevie Coles said...

cb3 looking sweet, track and stadium looks cool too.
will be a fun meeting!!.

Paul Baleta said...

Sorry I missed it... couldn't make the 27th either :-(
Looks like a blast!

Rusty Nail Racing said...

yep fingers and toes crossed.