Boundsy is still in there

He had a crash when a guy on a quad rode in fromt of him a few days ago but he is still in there.

Here is that latest from Tamsin

We spent the rest day getting Craigs kit and bike sorted.  You can tell that the pain in the back is getting him down so we went to get him another xray.  he is OK and had some physio and they have given him some stronger pain killers.  Bumped into Lyndon who is absolutely chuffed with his 9th place yesterday and amazingly well done to him.  The rest of the Brits and Si Pavey seemed to be in good spirits.  Paul Jay was taking in the atmosphere with is arm in a sling - just enjoying being around the Dakar and getting as much info and experience he can for next year.  The weather is hot and humid and will tire them all out.  6 days left Cordoba tommorow and the super fine sanddunes of Fiambala to come. 
Craig said he has lost alot of confidence in riding since the crash - which is unlike him and he has so skirt around all the big bumps to avoid them causing him more pain.  Lets hope the stonger pain killer do the trick.  I have given him all your messages of support which he loved. 

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