Vibraction Boluce Andorra

A group of friends, good weather and some waist deep snow. Makes for a great 3 Days of Trail riding. Northern spain and Andorra is great at this time of year we felt like we had the hills to ourselves. We carried what we needed and stayed out till bed time. Tapas, cheap hostels and good company. Only one trip to hospital and all the bikes made it until the end.

This guy who writes these road books derserves a medal. I cant believe how good and easy the are to follow.


Anonymous said...

Damn you A, again went without me ;)
Greetz Diederick

Paul Baleta said...

Looks like an awesome trip!

747 said...

it aint the destination, but the journey.

Chinese Pit Bike Parts said...

Wow, what place is this? Looks awesome.