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Vibraction Boluce Andorra

A group of friends, good weather and some waist deep snow. Makes for a great 3 Days of Trail riding. Northern spain and Andorra is great at this time of year we felt like we had the hills to ourselves. We carried what we needed and stayed out till bed time. Tapas, cheap hostels and good company. Only one trip to hospital and all the bikes made it until the end.

This guy who writes these road books derserves a medal. I cant believe how good and easy the are to follow.

How to ride a British Bike Correctly


Philippe Vandewalle

What a great guy........

Hello friends of this marginal recreation sport we love…
The SWM dirttracker does not only look good, its works like a Swiss watch J
That will be until I got a puncher at the rear…

So, what is all about? Just going in Essex kindly invited by Anthony brown who run a series of flattraker for every levels…
The venue was Rye House near Stansted and even the sun and blue sky came along…just great!

I never knew what was flattraking, kind of guessed it was easy, just lean the bike and….voila!
But reality was of course a bit different, first a briefing from the organizer, a selection of riders in 4 different groups and levels as well of a nice mix from BSA, Triumph, lots of 4 stroke Rotax powered machines, some Husqvarna, few Japanese and…. Of course few KTMs

Been lend a steel sole and a Daytona boot for my left foot and we make our way to the short oval (same as greyhound track it was J) Anthony did mention to me…as a novice …don’t use the brakes, just acceleration, lean the bike, gentle but progressive throttle and then full whack!

OK, did exactly that, second then a touch of 3rd gear, then…..whooaaaaaa already the turn and no engine braking, so that was a near miss by doing a longer turn near the hay stacks
Tried again, then not much better, then been told  “Sorry Philippe…forgot you have a 2 strokes” Yes it was one of the two that day (a young lady on a 125 KTM and me)

We set up for more runs, 12-14 minutes at a time, stop for 30 minutes and start again…well, it was really fun and I just started to understand the technique of leaning the bike earlier and keep 3rd gear and open a lot more...great that looks like a long slide and got into a rhythm that was consuming all my energy, but equally was placing a large grin on my face…

Then got this puncher…but it was nearly the end anyway and if I could simply conclude with these:

·         The bike….not bad at all for a Chef J works superbly and what a noise!
·         I will recommend Flattraking to any of us “off road riders” that is really a Must Do experience

Bye for now, and be open minded!


Best of 2012 German style

I had some trouble posting this so double click to watch on you tube



Two Long Days one weekend


Support your local


Co-Built Panther

Following on from a small mention in the Febuary Bike Magazine we have had a lot of questions about this bike we built for our friend Dael last year.
The bike was a work in progress, it started as an enquiry about an exhaust pipe and snowballed from there. In the end it was pretty much a full rebuild with only the motor and frame remaining standard. Dael was keen to keep the bike usable but wanted something that was much lighter wieght and more rideable. The amount of stuff we removed was incredible.
Our Trimuph pipes have been pretty popular with custom builders watch this space as we have another set just finished that we will show you all in a week or so. We build them to individual spec so contact us if you want a set or more info.

Anyway here is the spec list for the Co-Built Panther for those who are interested or are creating something similar.

2003 Triumph T100 (bought in 2009)

Classic Triumph 1" Grips

Bates 5.5 Headlight

Bates 55W internal

Motogadget speedo

LSL Flat Track Bars

Monza (small) gas cap

Triumph Fork Gaitors

Joker Machine Sprocket Cover

Joker Machine Ignition Re-locator

DNA Air Filters/ + crank case breather

Bitubo Rear Suspension

Bitubo Front Suspension

Leather seat £300 (from CE Moore - they were great)

2 x NGK CR1 Racing Cable and Plug Cap

Shorai LFX14A2-BS12 Battery (LFX14A2BS12) =

Oberon Indicators x 2 pairs

Oberon Touring Pillion Foot Pegs

MAS Engineering Fender Eliminator (now modified by Co-Built)

EBC Floating Front Disc Brake

Used R6 Caliper

LSL Brake + Clutch Lever

Braded Clutch & Throttle Cables

LSL Bar Ends




TYRES £190 - PIRELLI ANGEL ST 120/70-18 + 170/60-17 (SEALED TUBELESS )

Co-Built Custom Handlebar Clamp

Co-Built Yokes

Co-Built Front WheelSpindle/ Spacers

Co-Built Custom 2 into 1 exhaust (stainless steel headers/ Inconel silencer)

Co-Built Custom Seat Pan

Co-Built Custom Battery Bracket

Co-Built Tank Re-Spray and De-Badge KC

Co-Built Carbon Carb Support Bracket

Co-Built Electrical Cover Seat Plate

Co-Built Front Brake Caliper Bracket

Co-Built Front Mudguard Bracket (to lower guard)

Co-Built Headlight Bracket

Co-Built Speedo Bracket

Big thanks to Chippy Wood for the pictures


See you at the Ace

Sorry its been quite I have been away travelling. Anyway hope to see you at the Ace!


Flattrack Japan APK



Boundsy is still in there

He had a crash when a guy on a quad rode in fromt of him a few days ago but he is still in there.

Here is that latest from Tamsin

We spent the rest day getting Craigs kit and bike sorted.  You can tell that the pain in the back is getting him down so we went to get him another xray.  he is OK and had some physio and they have given him some stronger pain killers.  Bumped into Lyndon who is absolutely chuffed with his 9th place yesterday and amazingly well done to him.  The rest of the Brits and Si Pavey seemed to be in good spirits.  Paul Jay was taking in the atmosphere with is arm in a sling - just enjoying being around the Dakar and getting as much info and experience he can for next year.  The weather is hot and humid and will tire them all out.  6 days left Cordoba tommorow and the super fine sanddunes of Fiambala to come. 
Craig said he has lost alot of confidence in riding since the crash - which is unlike him and he has so skirt around all the big bumps to avoid them causing him more pain.  Lets hope the stonger pain killer do the trick.  I have given him all your messages of support which he loved.