Good Luck to George

Here is an email from my good mate George hope him and Joe manage to get round OK.


If you want to follow how the race is going I think their web site has daily results and updates. All we are going for is to try and get a finish. So don't fret if we are nowhere on the leader board. If Joe and I get in each night on time we'll be happy. 571 and 572 Dennison/ Mitchinson Motoden Honda in the Hobby class. I'm meeting Joe Mitchinson my team mate tomorrow morning at St Pancras Station - I've never met him before. He's 19 and just won the dawn to dusk clubman race, so he should be able to keep up with me!I'm a tad nervous....... Who in their right mind enters a race with the word 'maniac' in the title????Race runs til the 17th of Sept, I'm home on the 18th.wish me luck - motivational text messages greatfully received!!

Also good luck to special Dave/ Nick / Chris and Tamsin

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