More George and Joe

I am still taracking across the USA right now I am just near the Nebraska - Colorado border tonight. Anyway I just a update from George here it is.


Thought you might like to know how it is going. We are at the halfwaypoint of the rally now.The prologue in the town centre on saturday was mental, we finished5th in the hobby class and we were very pleased. I was upside downabout 4 times. Joe my team mate went very well and was actuallyleading his race at one point. I think you can get pics on the redbull romaniacs web site.Yesterday, the 1st day of the rally proper was tough. Lots of pushingand pulling with straps and stuff. I was wrecked last night. We didevery little bit of the track and have somehow been awarded a load ofpenalties which noone can explain, i'm trying hard to find out whathappened.today has been a great ride. Really enjoyed it. Not just as tough butfantastic. Arriving at the top of a mountain looking down on theclouds and birds is pretty amazing. It is very big country. Very poorand not that unlike borat land. We have said 'high five' alot!Will be back soon with more info. George

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