Something more Positive

Moving on from the negitivity of petty rambling's of a Tit at the Indepenent.

Let me tell you what a great day I had at Scunthorpe on Sunday. It was only my third flattrack meeting and my bike still has some way to go before it will be competitive and so do I.
Firstly it is always nice to meet new people who like the same stuff as you and I meet many during the day, also of course Chris Carr was riding. He brought with him some new thinking to UK shorttrack and his infulance was obvious just from the shape of the blue grove on the track at the end of the day.
There were loads of people there taking photo's Ben was there from Sideburn (nice to meet you Ben) and also Christian Gallagher who took the pictures above.
Thanks to Geoff and my dad for getting up at the crack and coming with me it is really appreciated. Also thanks to Pete Boast and all the other people who organise the shorttrack racing.

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