One more story from the dakar

It is his eighth Dakar, and it is probably thanks to the experience built up over the years that Pierrick Bonnet, who even finished in the Top 30 in 2002, managed to take starter’s orders for the third stage. It all started after the end of the special stage that led the participants to Puerto Madryn: “I felt that the bike wasn’t working well and was getting worse. I finished the 600 km link stage at 50 kmph”. When he finally settled down at the bivouac, around 01.30, he had to start checking the bike. Pierrick thought it might be the carburetor, but his efforts bore no fruit. In fact, he was joined by others and it was a while before they managed to find the problem: the engine was packing in. In the middle of the night Pierrick convinced KTM to sell him an engine. He spent the rest of the night repairing his bike with the help of Steven, an Australian mechanic. “We finished at around 06.00. I packed up my tent, but I hadn’t even slept in it. I filled up my camel bag, ate two energy bars and then I set off again”. Pierrick Bonnet finished the stage in 163rd position.

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