Kings Lynn on Sunday

I had a really stressful week last week finishing the bike in time for the first round of the UK Shorttrack. There was a real danger that it could have been a real anti climax with the bike not riding nicely or something stooping me from finishing it. Anyway things went as well as could be expected and now all I need is some track time to get used to riding my new bike. There was a really good feeling in the paddock with loads of new faces and machines. I dont really have any good pictures as I was too busy just getting myself sorted out.
Here are some which can be found here.
As for results I managed to make the thunderbike final dispite a fall in the first heat. I didnt fair too well in the final and finished 11th. But I know I can do better and I am kinda excited to ride again at peterbrough for round 2.
I really love the FT racing scence in the UK its really fresh and its great to see some really close racing. If you have been before make it along to a race this year, you will see some good value grass roots motorsport.


Anonymous said...

lovely new bike m8!!.
have you still got ur old one for sale?.
my bro might be interested in it.
stevie #28.

Anthony Brown said...

HI Steve

Thanks it rides great.

Sorry the SR went just before xmas to fund the new one.

Anonymous said...

oh well i hope whoever bought it has the intention of racin aswell.
more the merrier!. see you at the bmf.

red engine said...

Hi Anthony

I was at King's Lynn on Sunday and thought you might like to see some more pics

HERE(Hopefully the link works)

Your bike looked great, any plans to build anymore or is one enough?


Anthony Brown said...

Cheers Red Engine good pictures

Bikes 2 and 3 will be started very soon, so yes more are on the way.....

Anonymous said...

AB and Geoff well done on getting bike the finished and to the start line. That's a massive achievement in itself. Add making the final and you've got to be pleased. Hope you're fired up for round two. I really wanna come and see you guys race.