Co-Built vs Dutch Brothers

The latest Co-Built Flattrack Product

My Rotax is fitted with a set of A&A wheels from the States and I have wanted to replace the Knock Off Nuts for a while now. When Jan at Dutch Borthers sent me his drawing for a set of Lock nuts with a opinch bolt I thought I would get some made. This is the result. So anyway if you dont want to get a set from the USA or you like the pinch bolt design this is the latest Co-built product and its in stock now
100% CNC Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminium with a 2.5" Thread.

They are £13 each or £25 a set Shipping £2 in the UK contact me for other rates.



#15 said...

a classic knock off nut requires a special wrench and a hammer. when there's a little play between the drive pags and the sprocket, it will work itself loose. This version still requires 2 tools, an allan key and a hook spanner. The pinch bolt needs to be just toughing to prevent the nut from opening up. then you do it up gently and lock the pinch bolt, also gently. We have used these 1 season now and they work!

#27 Tom said...

you guys rock!

Sideburn Magazine said...

I would seriously consider buying some A&A wheels for my bike just so I can justify some of these rather fancy nuts.