Mick is on Top

I had a great update from Gordon Mcpherson last night. Team Brown are making great progress in this years Tuareg Rally. After the hardest day of the rally (The Kingstage) Mick Tompkinson has taken the rally lead and is currently 28 mins out in front.

Next Team Brown Rider is Pete Sonley who is currently running 22nd after finishing all four rounds yesterday in his first ever Rally.
Gordon and Jeff didnt fair quite so well. Gordon had a big off over the bars but was mainly unhurt. Jeff is still getting to grips with his new GPS and we are sure he will turn up again soon.

John Mitchenson of Rally Raid Products had a wiring fault on his KTM but made a call from the dunes of the Erg Chebbi back to Karl at Edmonson Racing who was able to diagnose the fault by the frequency of the warning light flash's and John was on his way again.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear the old boys are doing well.
Who'd of thought a KTM would have a wiring fault!?