10 Years Ago

VMC with a 620 KTM motor

Actually the bottom shot is only 8 years ago but the rest are 10. The sidecar was road registared the top 3 pictures we rode it 300 miles through the night on the Lands End trial. It used a set of wheel bearings on all 3 wheels. At weston it used a set of wheel bearing on all 3 wheels and two sets of pads in the first lap. After that we just used the Quads to slow us down.


Desert Trax said...

Bugger was it that long ago ???????
was a good Trial Mr cain's first !! lol

Sideburn Magazine said...

Who is we? Who raced it? G

Anthony Brown said...

Sorry Gary lack of info

Me and Geoff at weston and me and my mate Nobsey at the trial

747 said...

Hats of too you guys! I have always dreamt of racing sidecar but i dont think i have enough loose scres in my head yet. sounds pretty awesome.