Shorttrack Uk GNC Oxford Round 1

Its bad news on the picture front at the moment as I didnt take my camera last night. But man what a meeting
I had a lot of fun for sure and I think most of the other riders did. It was an historic night because we had all 5 Co-Built bikes racing togther. 
Dave Aldaner has a wild style I mean 'talking and racing' it was great to hear some of his stories in my own front room whilst enjoying an Italian meal cooked by Jacopo Monti, what a memorable couple of days!
Sideburn / Skooterfarm did a great job with the room and Anna made the bunting for us. Just Thanks to everyone for turning the social club in to a Flattrack version of Santas grotto.
Race night was like a testiment to what people can achieve when they work together we prepared the stadium on under an hour. And before we knew it we were watering the track thanks to Nobsey. Without him the night would have been a disaster.

We had a whole load of friends snapping away at Oxford last night so I will post some shots up as they arrive.


Anonymous said...

probably the best championship meeting ive ever been to!.
well done on the 2nd place in the thunders aswell!!.

geoff said...

Yes Steve what a great meeting, great couple of days...
Sorry again about a couple of interesting lines I had going on!


Hey what a meeting ! Big thanks to you guys for making it happen , i know it was loadsa work - but what a result !
Nice racing Ant - u rocked, and Geoff's dash for cash lap was my fave of the night !
Steve #59

Anonymous said...

no worries geoff, jus make sure you have your mid-meeting tranquilizer next time!!.