Stevie Coles and Geoff Cain

Racing  Hard.

I did my best to Handicap Steve by making him sleep the night on the front room floor. I set my cat on him and his dad (RIP Charley) but nothing seemed to have any effect.


Sideburn Magazine said...

Just to explain, Charley is the cat, not Steve Coles' dad. It's the cat that is dead. Trying to gain an advantage by killing someone's dad is going to far too far. Even for Team Co-Built. G

Anonymous said...

hey sorry 2 hear about the cat, setting a rabid geoff on me was bad enough!!.
team co-built is getting stronger every meeting.
ill be glad to get sum practice in on the 28th now!.

dave skooter farm said...

sorry to hear about Charley..our thoughts are with you and Anna.