Amman Photo's

Here are some nice shots from Amman Valley. Did I mention that Co-built scored a 1st  and  2nd in the Redmax GNC Thunderbikes on sunday! Guto took the win and took a second place on the last corner. Anyway Tim Coles always takes some great picture at the races so here are a few!

Guto was Haulin
Anthony Brown and Steve Coles in the TB final

Wayne Drake was flyin on his borrwed ride

Drogo's first ride!

Guy Sutherland in the dirt

Ben Part on his way down

  John Lee looking stylish

Stevie Coles Haulin in the ST class

Tom Wooley drivin hard

Boastie and Guy


Drakey72 said...

Photos match the brilliant racing, quality. See ya'll in leics

Anonymous said...

i think thats young alan in the photo behind you.
he got fast quick!!.

Paul Baleta said...

Well done team Co-Built! Great action shots Tim...

dave skooter farm said...

the pics of Colesy#28 and Highside#76 are brilliant!!

Captain Highside said...

I wuz robbed. I saw team CO-Built cuttin' tyres and re-jettin' and changin' gearin'. I thought it was just for fun. I ain't playin' no more. Next time I'll bring the 12 gauge!
Skooter Farm Rules!