Ammanford Novice's

Its was wetter than an otters pocket on Saturday. It was hot wand sweaty like a glass blowers ass on Sunday. Saturday was a rain off.  Sunday am started with the novices. Ben and Drogo made consistant progress. Ben was running fast and loose. Drogo was gettin to grips with unfamilar machinary. Skooter Farm Jason #31 was getting his eye in. Jamie put 110% effort in and got away with only a broken foot. When he slows down a little he will go lots quicker. Stuart #24 did real great he won every heat. We say it was all down to his new Co-Built pipe which was sounding real sweet.

It was real nice that all the novices hung around for the sunday your racing was great.

Sideburn Ben says he never goes sideways. I always fail to make a picture at the right time. Anyway Ben here is the proof courtsey of Michal from the Bastard team.

Pics from
Michal Blaszewski and Speedtherapy


Anonymous said...

enough about the novices anthony!.
isn't there a co-built leading the thunderbike gnc championship!!!!!!!.
well done on a mega ride.
race of the year for me that final.

Anthony Brown said...

I am coming to that bit Steve. Didnt we have a great race! I knew you where there all the way. Happy to sneak a second place in such a good field of riders!

Drakey72 said...

Yeah was quality to watch. Regretting not being in the mix, will definitely man up next time and do both classes. Well done all you guys for great racing!

Anonymous said...

hope ur ok after ur get off drakey.
was gutted to see ya on the deck after you rode so well.
dont mind takin the points off ya thou!!!.

#27 Tom said...

Congratulations Anthony!

747 said...

Holy cow that shit looks fun!
I cant wait to shred with you dudes!