Living the Vida Loca

Its going mental around here right now. No time to think let alone post. Anyway I am slowly catching up. The top shot is from Tim Coles. I love it. 4 of our bikes being raced at Leicester last weekend in one race. Check Guto out. What a stylish ride! The Co-Built rider exchange program is going good. Travis is in the UK right now and he is having some fun. I even made him wear my old spotty leathers. He came second in the mini bikes on Sunday. We put the trophy on the dash of the van for the ride home.


Drakey72 said...

Nice one on keeping your top spot in the champs ant,great to meet Travis and another great weekends racing. Good luck at the long track (wish i could've made it) and see u all at KLynn.

Anthony Brown said...

Wayne you were on fire on sunday. Cant wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

full throttle in holland boys,
give it sum, then add sum more!!!!.