Daels Triumph (part 1)

Dael is a man on a mission. When he brought his bike over to us it looked real nice (Top pic).  He has spent some time making some nice modifcations and the bike has a good feeling.
First up we trial fitted a set of Co-Built yokes they looked good. We thought it would be nice to have a set of one of handle bar clamps made for the funny 1" bars that Triumph use. They came out better than we guessed (so good infact there will be a similar product thats available to buy real soon). Next off was an anodising run. The chrome Bates head light surround was not going to match the new black front end so that has gone out for some treatment.
It doesnt end there, next up is a new little speedo (real trick) so we can lose the speedo cable cluter from the front end. Once the front end is sorted the engine cases are going to get some attention whilst the bike is on the jig getting a sweet exhaust. But thats all in part 2!

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