Scunthorpe 2011 ST Club Champs Final Round

Alan Birtwhistle. On his DTX bike lookin like its business time

Gary Inman concentrating hard. He rode like a demon on Sunday

We had some good racing at Scunthorpe at the weekend. Check out some nice shots here.
What a great 2011 season for UK shorttrack racing. Personally I have had some great results and have a podium place in all 3 championships that I have entered.
But thats not what racing is about for me. On the way up to scunthorpe Ronalds van broke down. It blew a head Gasket. Geoff was riding up with him and they managed to limp it in the pit gate.
They raced all day and at around 3pm Ronald called the AA. The van got recovered back to Essex with Ronald. My van was full as I had Ben Parts bike, my dad, my bike and the SB project bike. So Geoff puts his bike in the back of Guys van who lives nearby to Oxford,
Guy has Kyrina with him and only 2 seats, so Geoff gets a lift back to Brackley with Pete Seaton who has been working all day on the pit gate.
Me my dad and ben meet Geoff in the services at Towcester where Pete has dropped him. Ben gets in the back with the 3 bikes and lies across them in the dark with a beer and some peants for company. Geoff gets in the front with me and Dickie.
We get back to Geoffs and then unload Ben from the back. He then puts his bike into the back fo his family car and dries back to Bristol. Guy popped into Geoffs work on monday and dropped his bike back to him.
Anyway Geoff won a can of chain lube, Ben spilt peanuts in my boots, our gazebo blew away and scratched my just repainted work lease van ( i dont care about either the Gazebo had bad juju and work vans are just work vans).  Anyway Ronald is off to live in Portugal and Wayne is off to live in NZ.
We all had fun, Tim Neave rode a rocket powered cricket bat like a demon and to me all that is what racing is about.

Well done to Stevie Coles and Andy Riley on there wins yesterday! Bad luck to Dave H you still beat me though!


Sideburn Magazine said...

Elbow done, arrggh! I'm losing the front end there, I think, but I didn't crash. My front was tucking on virtually every lap there. G
PS Young Alan does look cool.

Anonymous said...

cheers dude!.
glad i had some early season form, cause the co-built rocketships have been stronger than iron bru!!!.
hats off to everyone to dealing wi that track early doors.
mega day!.

dave skooter farm said...

Brilliant post Anthony!! Making it happen by any means Necessary.

Drakey72 said...

Big thanx to Ronald#48(good luck in portugal) for loan of bike, well done stevie again for your championship win(sorry about jumping ship and entering the mighty co-built stable), well done Ant n Geoff too on ur podiums. That really was my last UK meeting this time and looking forward to my first NZ one. Cheers everyone.

Anthony Brown said...

Wayne we are going to miss you. I cant wait for my first race in NZ either!