BMW Speedwaybike

Well here is a first. BMW x Speedway bike
Co-Built is all about collaberation and this is something we are working on with long term Shorttrack Uk helper Pete Seaton. We have a project ongoing on these motors and a shorttrack framer. But things keep getting in the way. Pete took the bull by the horns and got hold of one of our motors. We got hold of the bits we need to make it run and all of a sudden we have the begining of a speedway bike. Pete already has a Honda 450 speedway bike but this will be more like the laid down motors that speedway rider are used to.
Cant wait to give it a skid!

John at PJ Frames showing of the BMW Front Diamond.


BlackCountryBiker said...

What an exciting project. I've been saying for years that speedway needs some kind of standardised engines, or a relativeley affordable and accesible engine for novices/amateurs.

neil@ cc engineering said...

Been done before with Honda 600 motors. Not enough flywheel weight so too unpredictable. Aiden Collins has been developing a crf engined bike which had same problem.

Anthony Brown said...

Actually the CRF you speak of also belongs to Pete!
I think the point is to get people thinking about the future of speedway and trying to remove barriers between speedway and manufactures. I think these type of prototypes help to demostrate different options. I cant see anything negitive!

BlackCountryBiker said...

It's gotta be a positive step. Part of the problem with the Honda was sheer resistance from a lot of the guys who tried it. Sean Wilson did over 40 laps at Sheffield on the Honda and was very positive about it, but the whole project was shelved too quickly.

neil #26 said...

No disrespect Anthony but have you rode a speedway bike? I have for years and the only way to make it work is to have a crank that's the same as dimensions as used now. Without that enertia it would bog down, petes crf had a shortrack rear tyre on it coz it wouldn't maintain a slide with a speedway tyre on.

Anthony Brown said...

Neil I think that the point is not whether I have ridden a speedway bike or whether this one works good.
Its more about Pete trying to move people in a stagnent part of motorcycle sport forward and try to help raise the profile and interest.
The point is it will create interest and discusion. As it already has!
BMW as a brand is pretty big right now and loads of people are out trying to be Charlie Boorman. Those people dont always associate what they do with going to watch speedway. The internet is a powerful tool and if building a bike like this makes a few people think that they want to go see whats going on its a good thing.

And yes I have ridden one before.
Quite a few times

neil #26 said...

Then you,LL understand what is to be expected of an engine for speedway use, I just don't like seeing people waste their time on something that will never work. I spoke to Eric boocock about the Honda 600 engines and how they were a waste of time coz big companies won't waste their time on a minority sport when you compare it to road bike sales.

Anonymous said...

i think it's a great idea to get the big manufacturers involved in speedway, if you have to change the tyres then so what!!.
evolve and move on, i bet people moaned about goin from uprights to laydown motors.
more manufacturers means cheaper motors, means more accessability, means more riders, means healthier sport!!!.

Rusty Nail Racing said...

sexy! i think one of those engines needs to go in a c90!

Sideburn Magazine said...

Now Rusty,
We are talking.