BMW Finished

Press release from STUK

Flattrack Sponsor and pit crew member Pete Seaton has been busy building speedway bikes with a twist, they have 450 engines MX engines mounted in! Pete has been working on this idea for a while now and under extensive testing the honda and has proved to work well. Pete's latest bike as a BMW 450 injection engine mounted in the speedway frame.
Pete said' The problem with speedway is that riders are spending thousands of pounds on their engines, which are only lasting about five meetings. From my experience of flattrack, you build a 450 engine at beginning of the season, then run it all year just changing the oil a few times and that's it!'
Pete hopes to get the class going at Club meetings Called Fomula 2 Speedway. Any one intrested in building a bike please contact him on 01280 817276

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BlackCountryBiker said...

Brilliant - let's hope somebody in the BSPA, ACU, etc takes it seriously this time round.