Sunny Mabelthorpe

I feel like a bit of a fraud having never been to Mablethorpe before.

That road bike class looks a little too rich for me. The MX bikes look like good fun, but its a young mans sport, Those lads really haul. Its a pitty that there were only 2 Grassbikes but I guess thats where things are these days.
If someone gave me a bike I think I would be keen but the post meeting clean up would be brutal.
Thanks to Pete and Jackie for your hospitality yesterday. Great winter sunday and a brilliant tour of Lincolnshire

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Russ104 said...

Pleased you made it down there - sorry I'm rather out of the country at the moment. With any luck my flash valve springs will have arrived in time for me to get my bike motor built for the Boxing Day meeting when I'm home. Well, you have to look on the bright side.

Cheers for keeping on blogging, and I am quietly confident I'm wearing the only Co-Built shirt in Afghanistan.